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GoldLeaf Service

For information on the SilverLeaf  Service, click HERE.

As you relax in your assigned seat, coffee or chilled orange juice is served, and the pampering does not stop. Comfort and luxury are found in the GoldLeaf dining room on the lower level, where white linen, gleaming tableware and fresh flower bouquets await you. Your menu choices will include regional cuisine created by talented on board GoldLeaf chefs. Savour the ultimate dining experience, with stunning and constantly changing vistas outside your window.

Upon arrival for your overnight stay in Kamloops, you will discover that check-in to your accommodation has been arranged. Your room awaits, and so does your luggage. The GoldLeaf dome train(car) puts you in the middle of the awe-inspiring scenery of the Canadian Rockies. When this is combined with the service and commentary provided by your on board attendants, you will realize that with Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service you are experiencing one of the world's most unforgettable rail adventures.


Train Features

  • Custom -designed state-of-the-art bi-level dome coach
  • Panoramic views from full-length dome windows
  • Assigned seating in reclining dome-level seats that rotate to accommodate groups of four
    Full galley kitchen
  • 36 dining room seats (4 per table) with picture windows
  • Temperature-controlled comfort
  • Spiral staircase and elevator to dome level
  • Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service and amenities


Service features

  • Service and interpretive Commentary by knowledgeable and friendly on board attendants
  • Gourmet breakfast and lunch selections served in lower-level dining room
  • On board complimentary snacks and beverages served at your seat
  • 1 night moderate accommodation in Kamloops with luggage delivered to your room
  • Transfers between the train station and your accommodation in Kamloops
  • Upgraded amenities
  • Rocky Mountaineer information package complete with detailed maps
  • Commemorative GoldLeaf pin

Important: GoldLeaf Service guests will have their luggage delivered to their accommodation in Kamloops. Please be sure to carry any medications and valuables with you onboard the train.


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