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Key West Travel Tour DirectorWhether you book your holiday through Key West Travel or another travel provider, here are some essential questions that you may want answered!

Bradley Dickson
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Our VIA Rail tour packages from Vancouver and Toronto have become extremely popular. Have a look!

VIA Rail Tours

For the Curious Traveler with Essential Questions…


Your hotels should be located in the National Parks – Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise. This way, you get to spend more time in the Rockies and see more sights.  (i.e. if on your 4-day Rockies tour you choose a hotel outside of downtown Jasper, on  Day 2 you would still be commuting to Jasper, which is a waste of your valuable time. The same applies to Day 3, etc.).
Our Hotels Locations: Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise

Motor Coach

Deluxe Highway Motor Coach (50-56 seater) with washrooms, reclining seats, air conditioning, etc.). Newer buses tend to be more reliable and comfortable.
Our Buses: Deluxe 56 Passenger Coaches


Jamming too many sights into one day means less quality time.  Our itineraries feature spectacular sights and the opportunity to enjoy each and every location without rushing to the next, which will make your vacation a most rewarding experience.
Our Itinerary: 45 minutes to 2 hour stops

Tour Directors

Consider the type of tour guide employed by the company. Are the driver and guide the same person? Is this a summer job, or are they professional tour guides? Your overall experience on the tour will be a direct result of the type of tour group you travel with, as well as the tour guide.
Our Tour Guides: Over 15 years of tour guiding experience

Fellow Travelers

Consider who the tour package is geared towards, as this will provide insight on your fellow travellers and what to expect. For example, a tour geared towards those in the 19 – 25 age range will be a very different experience from a tour geared towards those who are 30+.
Our Clients: All ages, but mostly between 30 to 65 years

Lake Louise from the Hotel Restaurant

Vancouver - Rockies - Vancouver

Circle Tours

Rocky Mountaineer Rail & Coach Tours:

  1. Grand Circle
  2. Valleys & Peaks
  3. Pioneers Trek
Banff to Vancouver train onboard Rocky Mountaineer

Vancouver - Rockies - Calgary

One-way Tours

Coach Tours:

  1. Western Trails

Calgary - Rockies - Vancouver

One-way Tours

Coach Tours:

  1. Western Classic

Rocky Mountaineer Rail & Coach Tours:

  1. Mountain Explorer
  2. First Passage To West Excursion

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