Out of the many ways to enjoy the Rockies, rail travel holds special appeal. Some of our most popular packages feature journeys with VIA Rail – the historic Canadian rail service connecting you to our most exciting locations!

What sets VIA Rail tours apart

Most would agree that an excellent vacation depends on the destination.  But what makes a trip truly unforgettable is also the experience along the way, and this is where VIA Rail tours add something unique.

Jasper has a well-deserved reputation as a stunningly beautiful location, and has been the starting point for many adventures in the Rockies. But what some don’t know is that getting there can be an equally thrilling part of the trip! On our VIA Rail tours you will spend two wonder-filled days on the train from Vancouver to Jasper, before joining our tour group to explore the rest of the Rockies together.

Your eastbound journey will begin on a summer evening at the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver. The train will travel through the Fraser Valley, one of the most picturesque regions in British Columbia. Making your way through the Fraser and Thompson river canyons, you’ll see the scenery slowly transforming from the dry plateaus of the Valley to evergreen forests peppered with farmland, logging camps, and small communities. The scenery then becomes more and more dramatic, from fast-flowing rapids at Little Hells Gate, to the dizzying heights of Pyramid Falls along Mount Cheadle, to Mount Robson Provincial Park, which features the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

You will finally arrive at the Jasper railway station, a heritage site built in 1926. You can admire the Jasper Raven Totem Pole, a vintage CN 4-8-2 steam locomotive, or purchase some charming railroad souvenirs and gifts.

The comfort of travelling with VIA Rail

Your journey from Vancouver to Jasper will last about one and a half days, during which you will enjoy the unique amenities on the train. You will spend the night in your very own Sleeper Plus cabin, featuring air conditioning, comfortable armchairs, beds for one or for two with complementary turn-down service, and a private washroom.

Fresh, delicious meals will be served in the dining car, while snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also available at the snack bar.

You can dedicate the rest of the day to exploring the train. The Skyline and the Park Cars are particular favourites, and feature a breathtaking glass dome ceiling – the panoramic views are sure to result in some amazing photos of your trip!


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