What To Look For in A Tour Company

There are many different ways to visit the Rocky Mountains, but one of the most popular would be with an organized tour. There are many tour companies to choose from, and many different factors to consider when making your decision. Below is a checklist of different factors that you should…


Why You Should See the Canadian Rockies by Rail

Out of the many ways to enjoy the Rockies, rail travel holds special appeal. Some of our most popular packages feature journeys with VIA Rail – the historic Canadian rail service connecting you to our most exciting locations! What sets VIA Rail tours apart Most would agree that an excellent…


The Canadian Rocky Mountains: An Introduction

What are the Canadian Rocky Mountains? Stretching more than 4, 830 km from the northernmost corner of British Columbia, through Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, all the way down to New Mexico, USA, the Rocky Mountains are THE major mountain range in Western North America. The Canadian Rockies comprise of the…

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