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Why Key West Travel & Tours?

Key West Travel Tour Director

Key West Travel & Tours is a Vancouver-based tour operator of the Canadian Rockies and Western Canada. As a local tour operator, we are proud to share the place we call home. Over 20 years of tours planning, gathered experience and knowledge, enable us to create wholesome travel experiences for our guests. Your tour guide is attentive and resourceful, providing every opportunity to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Our Values – Our Success

  • To provide a quality, unique travel experience for all our guests
  • To offer reliable and sincere customer service
  • To accommodate the special needs of our clientele

Flexible and Combined

These itineraries are flexible, allowing you to add optional activities if you are interested, and our hiking/walking components are leisurely and allow you to explore the Canadian Rockies at your own pace. Furthermore, our tours can be mixed and matched with other exciting travel products, including Cruises and Rail Packages!

Funds are protected

We are registered with Consumer Travel Protection of British Columbia, therefore guaranteeing the security of our clients’ funds. We are also a recognized member of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) and Tourism Vancouver.

Book directly - Get rewarded

Over 50% of our reservations have been made through direct bookings. Call us now to receive booking bonuses and enjoy the Direct Booking Bonus and pre- and post-tour Hotel Discount!

Accommodating Special Needs & Requests

Key West Travel and Tours strives to successfully meet the special needs of our guests, including dietary requirements, hotel types, and payment methods.

Book with Confidence

Our tours operate according to set schedules. However, in the unlikely event of a tour cancellation, we will inform our clients well in advance to provide them with ample time to make new travel arrangements or reschedule their tour.

Key West Travel proud member of Tourism Vancouver
Key West Travel proud member of Consumer Protection Agency
Key West Travel proud member of ACTA