Smart Traveler's guide

An excellent read for savvy travelers! Whether you book your next dream vacation through Key West Travel or through another  tour operator, you will need some basic information to help you choose with ease. Our blog entries and other articles provide a wealth of information, with answers to important questions that every traveler will find useful!

Basic Questions & Answers

Q: Why are your tours more expensive than others?
A: This is due to the hotel accommodation – ie. the type of hotel and location. While it is true that staying in town (as we do) likely means a more expensive tour, it is also true that you are free to explore the town and will not spend hours each day commuting between your hotel and town. Read more

Think Location: What if your hotel is located an hour and a half from Jasper? The next day, instead of exploring Jasper National Park,  you will still be trying to reach it, and lose valuable time. Hotels in far-flung areas are cheaper, but the quality may not be similar to the ones in Jasper.

Think Tour Directors: You should always consider the type of tour guide employed by a company. Are the driver and guide the same person? Is this a summer job, or are they professional tour guides? Your overall experience on the tour will be a direct result of the type of tour group you travel with, as well as the tour guide.

Think Buses: Does your bus qualify for long journeys? Is it a fairly new deluxe coach with a washroom, audio and video facilities, and air conditioning?

Think type of fellow travelers – Are you looking to travel with a mature group in a relaxed environment, or a younger crowd demanding a more party-oriented experience?

Q: Does a longer tour mean more sightseeing?
A: Not necessarily. For example, an 8-day tour may already include your arrival in Vancouver on Day 1, your arrival in Calgary on Day 8, and you exploring each city at leisure. So although advertised as an 8-day tour, this would really be a 6-day tour.

Q: Do more stops on the itinerary mean a better tour?
A: Absolutely not. It’s important visit to best places, and have quality time to explore each location, instead of taking a picture and going.

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