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Why Mystic Mountains Is Your Best Choice

1 -Accommodation:

Probably the most important part of your tour! If you wish to visit many must-see places and have quality time to explore, join a tour that offers accommodation in the National Parks themselves. Circle West offers 2 nights in Banff, 1 night in Jasper, and 1 night in Kelowna! It’s no secret that tours offer hotels in outlying towns, and waste much of their time commuting as opposed to sightseeing.

2 -Transportation:

Canadian Rockies tours involve long drives, which can sometimes be winding, steep and bumpy. Key West Travel uses large highway coaches (55-seaters) to bring you the comfort you need. Expect comfortable reclining seats, panoramic windows, and washroom facilities – none of which are available on smaller coaches.

3 -Tour Director:

Before booking any tour package, you should always consider who the tour package is geared towards, as this will provide insight into your fellow travelers and what to expect. Our tour groups are geared towards those in the 30+ age range, but we often have families and students join our tours as well! Essentially, our tours are geared towards those who want to explore the Rockies as much as possible with a more mature tour group in a relaxed environment.  

4 - Itinerary/Activities:  Itinerary/Activities: 

Thanks to our hotel locations, the Circle West itinerary contains many can't-miss highlights of the Canadian Rockies. We also offer optional activities, at an additional cost, that guests can choose to participate in if they are interested. If guests are not interested, there are always free activities instead!