What to look for in a tour company

This travel guide provides tips on how to travel in the Rockies, what to see, where to stay, and whom to book your tour with. 


While you will likely only be in your accommodation at night, a good night’s rest is vital to enjoying your plans for the following day, making the type of accommodation included in your tour package an important factor to consider. The type of accommodation you prefer will likely vary based on your age and what type of experience you are interested in – just as the type of accommodation available can vary from camping to hostels to hotels. It is also important to consider where your accommodation is located. Is it in the heart of town or further out? Is it located in a main town or in a small outlying town? While it is true that staying in town likely means a more expensive tour, it is also true that you are free to explore the town and will not spend hours each day commuting between your hotel and town.


You will need transportation not only to and from the Rockies, but also from site to site and town to town during your tour, making the type of transportation used by the tour company very important. It is essential to ask what type of transportation is used (i.e. small bus, large bus, etc.) and what type of facilities are available (i.e. washrooms on board, air conditioning, seats, etc.). There are also two major rail companies with routes that travel through the Rockies, so it may be worth your while to inquire whether any tours combine both types of transportation.

Tour Group & Tour Guide

Before booking any tour package, you should always consider who the tour package is geared towards, as this will provide insight on your fellow travellers and what to expect. For example, a tour geared towards those in the 19 – 25 age range will be a very different experience from a tour geared towards those in who are 30+. Additionally, you should always consider the type of tour guide employed by the company. Are the driver and guide the same person? Is this a summer job or are they professional tour guides? Your overall experience on the tour will be a direct result of the type of tour group you travel with, as well as the tour guide.


Obviously, a tour’s itinerary and the available activities is probably the number one factor in choosing which tour is best for you. The pace of the tour, as well as how much of the Rockies you want to visit in the time you have available, will likely play a big role in determining which tour you book. You should also consider what activities and sites are included, and what has an additional cost. If activities are an additional cost, you should always check if the activities are optional (meaning you have the choice to participate), as you do not want to be surprised during the tour and pay more than you expected.